The Fundraiser Program - Announcing a simple and profitable fundraiser for the PTA and schools. It's a family board game about all things safety - covering first aid, natural disasters, Internet, strangers, transportation, survival, wild animals, fire, water, and more! Bonus items like the fingerprint and DNA ID cards, fire escape plan, Internet interface, personal ID cards, and 1st-Aid guide provide life-long family value.
  • Your organization will receive 40% of each sale - about $12!
  • We ship it for free directly to the customer (no inventory, no delivery, no order forms, no door-to-door selling).
  • The only marketing required would be emails and/or flyers.
  • You get a unique link to the Play It Safe website that automatically tracks all your sales.
  • We simply mail you a check for all proceeds.
  • We will provide emails and/or flyers based on your specifications.
The Materials You Need
  1. The agreement - PTA Participation Agreement (based on National PTA and Jamba Juice Agreement)
  2. An email you can send to all members/parents - PTA Holiday Email (right click to save)
  3. A flyer you can print and distribute - PTA Holiday Flyer
  4. Sign up for your fundaraising account - Get Your Account and Unique URL
  5. For additional information, hi-res photos, and all Q&A content go to:
We can customize all of the collateral to fit your needs. Some items need to be customized such as your organization name and more importantly your unique link (URL) that tracks your sales. We will also be adding Spring, Summer, and Back to School collateral so you can keep the program fresh and active.

Contact: Randy Martineau
Phone: 480-205-1893

"Every day, 17,000 children sustain injuries that could have been prevented; and preventable childhood injury is the leading cause of death and disability for kids ages 1 to 14." [1] The Play It Safe game can help prevent these tragedies while families have a fun game night together.

About the Game - Introducing the Play It Safe family board game - the game about everything safety with life-long value. This is a valuable, educational, and fun game designed for children and parents and a great fundraiser.
  • The Only Game That Could Save the Lives of your members.
  • A unique family game that is a true discovery for everyone's holiday toy list.
  • Bring the family together with a fun and valuable game night.
  • Extra features like the fingerprint and DNA ID cards, fire escape plan, Internet interface, personal ID cards, and 1st-Aid guide provide life-long value.
  • It's chock full of safety questions with detailed answers (300 for kids, 300 for adults) that really could save lives.
  • We keep it fun for kids by making a third of their questions about wilderness survival and dangerous animals.
  • Adults will be surprised at how much they don't know about safety - the kids will surely win!
  • Families are looking for togetherness and good value in these hard times - promote family game night with something valuable and interesting while raising money for your organization.
  • It's green, using recycled paper and vegetable based ink.
In these tough budgetary times employ a fundraiser that is of true value to your members and community. Give them something that is fun, truly unique, has lasting value, and really has the ability to save lives.

[1] Safe Kids Organization

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